Mathematics at ISTA is an open, curious community, active in research that is inspired by both purely mathematical concepts and applications in physics, computer science, and other fields.

The groups on campus have strengths in a variety of areas, including discrete and computational topology and geometry (Edelsbrunner and Wagner), mathematical physics (Erdős, Seiringer), dynamical systems (Kaloshin), stochastic analysis and partial differential equations (Fischer, Maas), algebraic geometry and representation theory (Hausel), combinatorics (Kwan) and number theory (Browning). There are regular seminars and talks, and the mathematics groups work closely with each other, as well as with groups in other fields, including computer science and biology (Barton).

ISTA Mathematics Colloquium

Mark your calendars for the first Wednesday of each month!

The ISTA Mathematics Colloquium is an enriching discussion platform dedicated to fostering scientific exploration in the field of mathematics.

This monthly seminar series brings together accomplished experts who share their latest research and insights, creating a space for exchange of ideas. PhD students and postdocs are especially encouraged to attend!


We are committed to fostering a dynamic scientific community. Our seminars and events series give you the opportunity to explore, engage, and expand your understanding of mathematics.

Learn more about Mathematics at ISTA.

Mathematics In eXchange (MIX) Colloquium

The Mathematics In eXchange (MIX) Colloquium is the first seminar series (only) for graduate students in mathematics at ISTA.

The idea is to encourage interactions among the math track students in an informal atmosphere and give a better idea of what fellow students are doing in their research.

The next Colloquium will take place on October 18 2023! 


Here is a video presenting the Mathematics study track.

  • In case you cannot access YouTube, this video is also available here.You can also find more information on upcoming Talks, Events and Courses on the dedicated Physics, Chemistry and Maths site physicsandbeyond.
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